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Life Lessons and Adam Levine

One of things I like about following celebrities is examining their early years for clues about how they arrived at a place of success in the present. Adam Levine is a good example. In a recent post I created for the website, Psych Central, I took a detailed look at Levine’s past through the prism of time and extracted key life events – which in turn could be translated into lessons for the rest of us. 

Identifying and reaching life goals can sometimes be challenging. This is particularly true when we have failed at something before or when we give in to negative self-thinking. Like a bad music file that keeps reloading on a smart-phone, these files (aka self-narratives) can keep us from moving on to goal attainment. At its core, we are talking about fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

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In the case of Adam Levine, we see earlier in his life a strong desire to enter the music world. According to interviews the star has given to the press, Levine came from a very “musical” family. He shared that he had a passion in this area and even became obsessed with the tune, Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant.


And so it is no surprise that Levine launched his own alternative rock band around the age of 15. Called Kara’s Flowers, he was the group’s lead guitarist and vocalist. Their first commercial album, The Fourth World, released in August of 1997.

What’s that – never heard of this band or the record? Well, that is probably because Kara’s Flowers was considered a commercial failure.  In fact, it was a giant flop. But that didn’t stop Adam Levine. After doing some hard thinking, coupled with making changes to the band and adding a fifth person to the group, he re-launched himself and his music with the now world famous, Maroon 5 in 2002.

A few of the new band’s songs include record breaking hits like, Harder to Breath, Payphone and Move Like Jagger. Since then, Levine and Maroon 5 have been the recipients of numerous awards, including three Grammy’s and two Billboard music awards.


The lesson Levine has to teach us is fairly simple – never give up on your dreams. This is particularly true if we have a passion for a given topic or interest. Levine did not throw his hands up in the air after his first steps into the musical world failed. Instead, he engaged in mindfulness and used a strength based approach to shut down the negative tape of FUD. Now look at him. If he’s not releasing a new album, he’s covering a pop culture magazine or appearing on a television show. Just this past June, the star debuted in his first movie role, Begin Again, which was released at the end of June.

Personal dreams and goals really can come true but they take much focus, dedication and determination. More importantly, they take a strong belief in the self.

You can read more about mega-watt celebrity Adam Levine and a few more life lessons from his past on Reaching Life Goals at Psych-Central. You’ll also find other articles that are designed to offer possible blueprints for your own personal goal attainment.  

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