Summer in Chicago and Mental Health

June 4, 2017 admin

By: John Lingner, LCSW The weather is glorious (most of the time), there’s suddenly a million things to do around the city, and it feels like the population has doubled now that everyone can finally […]

5 Ways to Manage the Trauma of Being You

April 27, 2017 admin

By: Marcello Gonzales, LPC Ever just been treated unfairly just for being you?  Maybe it was the color of your skin? Your sexuality? Both?  These or similar mistreatments because of your identities, can result in […]

Is it Dramatic or Traumatic?

April 11, 2017 admin

Dramatic or Traumatic Differences By: Dr. Tyler Fortman If you’re like most people, you hear the word trauma and you think about horrid aspects of our world – war, rape, killing, natural disasters, etc.  Maybe […]

21 Tips for Being a Better Friend

April 2, 2017 admin

Better friend tips By: Alexandra DeWoskin, LCSW A true friend of mine once said, “when you leave a visit with a friend, you should feel uplifted and full…you shouldn’t feel empty and exhausted.” We need […]

How Can Therapy Help With Pain

March 30, 2017 admin

By: Dr. Greg Harms Right before Christmas I wrote an article about how to cope with chronic pain during the holidays.  Since then I’ve received questions about why therapists should be concerned with chronic pain.  […]

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