Is it Dramatic or Traumatic?

April 11, 2017 admin

Dramatic or Traumatic Differences By: Dr. Tyler Fortman If you’re like most people, you hear the word trauma and you think about horrid aspects of our world – war, rape, killing, natural disasters, etc.  Maybe […]

How Can Therapy Help With Pain

March 30, 2017 admin

By: Dr. Greg Harms Right before Christmas I wrote an article about how to cope with chronic pain during the holidays.  Since then I’ve received questions about why therapists should be concerned with chronic pain.  […]

When It Seems Like This Is All There Is

June 15, 2016 admin

By: Greg Harms Over the past year or so I have heard from a number of people, both patients and non-patients, that they seem to be experiencing some symptoms of depression, or maybe anxiety.  They […]

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