Summer in Chicago and Mental Health

June 4, 2017 admin

By: John Lingner, LCSW The weather is glorious (most of the time), there’s suddenly a million things to do around the city, and it feels like the population has doubled now that everyone can finally […]

Summer: A Season People in Chicago Embrace

May 9, 2016 admin

By: Greg Harms, LCPC, CADC It may be a little premature to start thinking about summer in Chicago, but the weather has started to finally move towards warmer temperatures.  Every year numerous blogs and other […]

10 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress for Chicago

February 26, 2016 admin

Reduce Stress Chicago By: Deb Klecha There is no doubt that we live in a hectic and often stressful world. We have many—often competing—obligations. Everything has an associated start time, and, if you live in […]

Mind Body Connection to Health

February 1, 2016 admin

The Importance of Knowing About Mind Body Connections By: Alexandra DeWoskin  Anxiety, alienation, hopelessness, depression, anger, fear, love, serenity, and optimism are not just feelings.  All are physiological states that affect our health just as […]

25 Mindful Thoughts to Boost Self-Esteem!

December 14, 2015 admin

Boost Self-Esteem By: Alexandra DeWoskin, MSW, LCSW Here are some simple thoughts on self esteem and self-worth.  We spend so much time and energy seeking out external validation in an effort to define our self-worth.  […]

3 Tips When Someone is Grieving

December 7, 2015 admin

Helping Someone Who is Grieving By: Deb Klecha It is often difficult to know how to be helpful in times of grief.  Our words frequently seem inadequate.  We are commonly uncertain about whether our gestures […]

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