10 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress for Chicago

February 26, 2016 admin

Reduce Stress Chicago By: Deb Klecha There is no doubt that we live in a hectic and often stressful world. We have many—often competing—obligations. Everything has an associated start time, and, if you live in […]

Mind Body Connection to Health

February 1, 2016 admin

The Importance of Knowing About Mind Body Connections By: Alexandra DeWoskin  Anxiety, alienation, hopelessness, depression, anger, fear, love, serenity, and optimism are not just feelings.  All are physiological states that affect our health just as […]

Best Therapist for Social Anxiety in Lakeview

January 9, 2016 admin

Best Therapist in Lakeview By: 2SC Staff Looking for the best therapist for social anxiety in Lakeview? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. The Lakeview community of Chicago is home to nearly 100,000 people, according to […]

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