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About our Chicago couples counseling services ...

Second Story Counseling Chicago offers counseling for all couples interested in improving their relationships. We have experience in helping a diverse range of couples from a variety of racial, ethnic, and spiritual backgrounds.  Our counselors believe that love comes in a wide variety of forms. Couples can be either married or dating, straight or gay.  Here are some areas we have helped our couples with:

  • Communication problems
  • Infidelity
  • Trust issues
  • Constant arguing
  • Sexual problems
  • Cyber cheating
  • Relationship transitions
  • Relationship dissolution
  • Emotional distance

Our goal is to provide couples with tools to solve ongoing problems as well as to help them find greater levels of intimacy and understanding.  We help couples explore their challenges in a constructive, non-threatening manner, including learning to avoid the most common mistakes in communication.  Once healthy dialogue is established, the couple then works to resolve hurt feelings and overcome current problems with the aid of the therapist. Why not change the course of your relationship in a positive direction today?  Click on our contact page to schedule your first appointment or call 773.528.1777
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Two people with one goal of a
more satisfying relationship. If you would like to learn more  about our Chicago couples counseling services, please call us today at 773.528.1777 or visit our contact page and complete the electronic contact form.
Chicago marriage counseling

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