Colin Kaepernick: Race, Ethnicity, Girlfriend and Background

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Colin Kaepernick Background, Stats and Bio


Colin Kaepernick is one of the most followed sports celebrities in the country. I recently penned an article about Kaepernick’s ethnicity, tattoos, and girlfriends after finding out that he is from the Midwest, born right across the border in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Along the way, I discovered that he was very close to becoming a Chicago Cub!

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Background Unique

There is a lot more to Colin Kaepernick than the dude’s look (although I admit he’s a handsome dude). What many people do not know is that the football star was adopted, coming into this world from very difficult circumstances.

His biological mom was just 19-years old when she gave birth to him. His biological father apparently exited the scene before being born. Broke and desperate to give her baby the chance for a brighter future, she placed young Colin up for adoption.

When he was just 5-weeks old, Rick and Theresa Kaepernick (his adoptive parents) brought him into their home to join their two other children. The Kaepernick’s had previously lost 2 other children to heart defects and were looking for a child to join their family. That is when Colin came into their lives.

FYI: This may help to explain why Colin Kaepernick is so involved with charity work today for disadvantaged kids and children who have heart disease.

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Final Thoughts

What I find wonderfully remarkable about this NFL player are his roots. Here we have a person who could very well have engaged in the game of learned helplessness, which is a 25-cent psychological term for someone who uses difficult experiences or events from their past as an excuse to remain “stuck” in the here and now.

It appears Colin Kaepernick would have none of that. Looking at his life story, we see an individual who has excelled at nearly everything he has put his mind to. Did you know by the way that he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs to play MLB? He was. Turns out that he is muli-talented and can play football, baseball and basketball, according to his bio on Wikipedia.

You can find out more interesting facts about Colin Kaepernick with deeper background over at Psychcentral.

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