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Counseling for Men Chicago

Men seeking counseling is nothing new. In truth, males face a variety of issues that are unique in nature that require special insight and understanding on the part of the therapist. Here, we are talking about Mens’ issues.

You may be thinking, “Well isn’t depression the same for women and men? Isn’t anxiety the same for both genders? What are mens’ issues anyway?”

While the clinical manifestations of depression and anxiety may be similar for women and men, the underlying causes can be completely different. One of the unique challenges involved with mens’ issues and therapy is getting a guy to feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone and call a counselor in the first place.

The barriers to counseling exist in many cases due to social constructs that currently exist about what it means to be a male and by extension what it means to be a “man”. There are also cultural dynamics at play, depending upon the guy’s background and upbringing. And it needs to be stated here that these counseling blockades exist for straight and gay men alike.

Men's Issues & Counseling

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Safe vs. Unsafe Male Topics

Let’s be honest – for many guys, there are “safe” topics that are OK to talk about and some that are generally off limits. Let’s take a quick look at both areas with an understanding that we are exploring safe vs. unsafe through the lens of common stereotypes.

Safe Topics

Safe topics generally include anything that is considered to be culturally masculine. Here, we are talking about sports, hunting, fishing, athletic abilities, sexual conquests and cool action heroes. You can toss in expert grilling skills, cars and camping into the mix for good measure.

Unsafe Topics

Any topic that slightly hints at the non-masculine (feminine) is (for many dudes) considered to be unsafe or “off limits”. Examples include feelings, emotions, relationship problems, divorce, past trauma (childhood trauma/abuse) self-concept and general self-view.

Self-esteem certainly is not something most guys are going to talk about watching a Bears game. And problems with sexual performance aren’t likely to come up when watching a Cubs game with buds. Make sense?

Men’s Issues and Counseling

One of the many benefits to men when they come to counseling to explore personal issues is the confidence in knowing what they are talking to therapist remains confidential.In short, this means whatever are being explored remains between the guy and his therapist.

Here are some common Mens’ Issues that come up in counseling:person centered psychology

  • Wounded self-esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • Divorce
  • Anger management
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-concept

Many of our male clients come to us in seeking guidance as part of the work they do as first responders, such as firefighters, police officers and paramedics. Others are executives, business men and blue collar workers.

At 2nd Story Counseling, our therapists take a solution focused approach to men’s issues, infused with humanistic psychology to help guys better understand their unique issues and arrive at a place of insight. Because we tend to be goal oriented in working with clients, we help men identify the different issues that come up in the counseling process which may be keeping them from reaching their full potential.

If you are a guy thinking about talking to a counselor about your life issues, we hope you consider the therapists at 2SC. Should you decide to call us, we will do our best to match you with the right counseling professional to fit your unique needs. All sessions remain confidential. To learn more, please call us 773-528-1777 or send us a confidential email using our secure online contact form.