couples counseling chicago

 Couples Counseling

At 2nd Story Counseling, we understand there are times in every relationship where the help, guidance and support of a neutral party may become necessary. This is particularly true when there are serious relationship challenges, such as communication deficits, intimacy gaps and unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Couples Counseling Approach

When a couple comes to 2SC for counseling or marriage therapy, we start with the premise that something is going right with the relationship as opposed to something wrong. This kind of therapy is commonly referred to as strength based counseling, which is a basic term used to describe a therapeutic process by which the counselor helps a given couple identify key relational strengths.

2SC begins with two

Acting as a conduit for change, the therapist then helps the couple use these strengths as a foundational starting point from which to create new beginnings. With both parties actively engaging in the couples counseling process, a fresh start becomes possible.

Couples Counseling = New Beginnings

One of the great things that can happen as a result of couples counseling is the obtainment of new skills by each person in the relationship, which in turn can translate into new beginnings.

Examples of new skills include:

  • The ability to disagree without it becoming a full blown “fight”.
  • New approaches to intimacy that create mutual satisfaction.
  • Insight into how the other person in the relationship may be feeling.
  • Fresh approaches to communication, designed to move past historical relational barriers.
  • Transformation of emotional distance into closeness.
couples counseling chicago

There are many people within the helping professions who bill themselves as “experts” at couples counseling. 

couples counseling chicagoHere is the truth – a good deal of these so called “experts” do not possess the necessary training, skills or background that are necessary to help struggling couples through the myriad of problems which may exist. It is for this reason we encourage you to ask questions of your couples counselor or marriage therapist and get a better understanding of their background – and approach.

If you have time, please watch this short video regarding the three things to consider before setting up an appointment for couples counseling.

We offer general couples counseling, marriage therapy, premarital counseling and same sex (GLBT) counseling services. For couples who have challenging work schedules that may preclude in person office gay couples counseling chicagovisits on a scheduled basis, we also offer online couples counseling.

If you have questions about couples counseling, we encourage you to give us a call for more information at 773.528.1777 or send us a confidential email through our secure online form.

At 2nd Story Counseling, we believe in strong, healthy stable relationships for the here and now and for the long term. Let us help create positive change in your relationship today.

Below is a short informational video that suggests three important things to think about before starting couples counseling.

Remember, 2SC begins with two.

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couples counseling chicago

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