How to Lose Belly Fat: 6 Mindfully Based Nutrition Tips

how to lose belly fat

Belly Fat Loss Through Mindful Eating

How to lose belly fat is a question most people find themselves asking at some point or another. Let’s face it – most folks want to look slimmer with the goal of having a flat tummy.

The ability to get rid of belly fat will, however, require some work on your part. We have written before about mindful approaches to losing belly fat on our blog and would like to use this moment to help build upon the psychology of belly fat loss by adding a few simple tips for mindful nutrition.

Belly Fat and Nutrition

If you are asking yourself how to lose belly fat, you no doubt have been looking at a number of different approaches, including motivational techniques.

You may also have explored a number of pathways to weight loss that includes physical activity. There is no doubt about it – how you perceive yourself has lot to do with your self-esteem and certainly can have a powerful impact on your confidence.

Spiritual Nutrition

Part of the answer to your question; how to lose belly fat, can be found in the concept of spiritual nutrition. Are you unfamiliar with this term? That is OK – most folks have not heard of this before. Rest assured that this term has nothing do to with religious beliefs or doctrine.

Spiritual nutrition is essentially a term used to suggest that the color of specific fruits and vegetables. It is thought that their natural colors help the flow of subtle energy to the respective chakras (energy centers). Chakras are also represented by colors. For example, the color red in food is thought to benefit the root chakra and associated body organs.

Let’s take a quick look at the seven energy centers, which run from the top of the head to the base of the spine:

  • Red – base of spine
  • Orange – naval area
  • Yellow – spleen
  • Green – heart
  • Aqua blue – throat
  • Indigo blue – forehead
  • Violet – crown

miondful based

The Ayurvedic principles from India suggest that people eat certain types of foods, particularly vegetables and fruits, which correspond with these energy centers.

The belief goes something like this: By eating these foods, greater health can be obtained, which by extension helps with preventing belly fat from accumulating in the first place. These foods are also thought to help eliminate body fat when eaten regularly.

How to Lose Belly Fat Mindfully

There is a great book that is all about natural approaches to losing belly fat authored by Gabriel Cousens, entitled, Conscious Eating. The book itself is a wealth of information on mindful eating and offers the following six suggestions for more harmonious living.

1. Eat a great variety of foods

The goal here is to eat foods that cover the full spectrum of light, which corresponds to the different chakra areas.

2. Avoid eating big meals prior to meditation

If you use meditation as part of your approach to self-care and belly fat loss, it may be a good idea to avoid eating big meals before attempting to center yourself. When the stomach is full and trying to digest food, it will require more blood. This means less blood (and oxygen) to your brain for meditation or guided imagery.

3. Drink lots of water

This point may seem like common sense but is worth mentioning here. Drinking plenty of water helps your body to remove unused material and detoxify. When undigested food remains in the gut, it adds to total body weight. It can also make you look bloated. Drinking lots of water is also part of a healthy approach to working through issues with IBS.

4. Healthy amounts of sunlight

Sunlight, in many ways, has gotten a bad rap in recent years. While it is important to be careful with how much time we spend in direct sunlight, this does not mean you should never expose yourself to any forms of sunlight. The sun helps the body obtain vitamin D, which is necessary for belly fat loss and is thought to help prevent heart disease.

We already know for a scientific fact that lack of sunlight in some people causes forms of depression. Our mood can absolutely impact our eating habits. Sunlight, in natural and artificial forms, may help create positive change in serotonin levels, which in turn has a major effect on your urge to eat heavy carbs.

5. Focus on alkaline balance

Learning more about foods that are associated with levels of acid/alkaline can help you to achieve balance in your diet. Having the right balance helps your body to reach a place of homeostasis. In other words, this balance will help you to avoid the yo-yo cravings for heavy carbs and sweets throughout the day.

6. Take a mindful approach to eating

The final tip is one that is easy to say but not always easy to do. If possible, try to create greater awareness around the foods you are eating. Take note of the taste, temperature, texture and even the food’s origin.

Engaging in this mindful approach is thought to psychologically satiate the belly, causing you to be less hungry and more appreciative of the foods you have already eaten.

mindful weight los

How to Lose Belly Fat Summary

Trying to answer the question – how to lose belly fat – requires a comprehensive approach to wellness that focuses on physical, psychological and nutritional needs. Obviously, you will want to consult with your medical doctor closely regarding potential causes of body fat as well as adjustments you want to make in your diet.

Hopefully, the information shared in this post helped you to expand your awareness on different ways to body fat and provide fresh ideas that you have not thought of before.

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