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Chicago Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling (also referred to as Marriage Therapy) is a unique kind of couples counseling service that is designed to help individuals who have joined together in a formal union. Working in tandem with a marriage expert, the couple assesses areas of strength, which in turn is later used as a jumping board to address relational challenges. Similar to couples counseling, marriage counseling is goal oriented and results focused.

Marriage Counseling Success

Successful marriage counseling happens when both parties in the relationship are committed to the therapeutic process. This means being open to feedback and suggestions for change. At 2nd Story Counseling, we fully acknowledge this is can sometimes be uncomfortable.

The successful outcome of marriage counseling also requires the expertise of a well-trained couples therapist who has a unique understanding of relationship dynamics. While many helping professionals, such as counselors, social workers and psychologists claim to be “marriage therapists”, the reality is that a good number of these individuals lack the proper training and experience to work with married couples. It is for this reason we encourage consumers of marriage counseling services to carefully choose the right counseling professional.

marriage counselor chicago

 How Long in Marriage Counseling?

A common question many couples have is how long will we be in marriage counseling? The answer is largely dependent upon the unique situational dynamics happening within the marriage. Generally speaking, marriage counseling is short-term in nature, particularly when the relationship specialist helps the couple identify goals early on.

Below is a short video designed to help you with the marriage counseling process.


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Marriage Counseling Topics

There are a number of areas that are commonly explored during marriage counseling. Some examples include:

  • Communication problems
  • Intimacy challenges
  • Emotional distance
  • Sexual issues
  • Emotional infidelity
  • Physical infidelity
  • Cyber-cheating
  • Family challenges
  • Premarital Counseling
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Marriage Counseling = New Beginnings

One of the best things about the marriage counseling process is the opportunity to create real change within a given relationship. This change is accelerated when both individuals making up the couple are motivated by re-connecting with one another and re-kindling areas of intimacy. The marriage therapist also helps in the counseling process by coaching the couple towards completing various goals.

At 2nd Story Counseling, we have a passion for marriage and couples counseling. We have strong experience working with married couples from different backgrounds, including gay married couples and gay couples counseling.

Let us help you create positive change within your marriage – change for the here and now and for the future.

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