Meditation Chicago: 5 GREAT Options to Get Your Zen On!

meditate chicago

Meditation Chicago

By: Dr. John D. Moore

If you are looking for Meditation Chicago resources, you have come to the right place! The truth is that many people in our metropolitan area are looking for places to meditate in Chicago. This makes sense when you consider Chicago is currently the third largest city in the United States. Let’s face it – we’re a busy, hectic town! Is it any wonder why so many residents suffer from issues ranging from anxiety to depression?

Meditation Chicago Options

The affiliated Chicago therapists at 2nd Story Counseling are firm believers in holistic wellness. This is why we often blog about topics related to the construct of mindfulness.

The clinical research shows that engaging in wellness activities, such as meditation, can have a positive therapeutic benefit. When you combine meditation with things like personal therapy, deep breathing and exercise, you create a supercharged wellness dynamic.

What follows are five great options for meditation Chicago seekers that we would like to suggest. These suggestions come to us as recommendations from our clients – plus the experiences our own therapists have had as part of their own wellness journey.

Let’s jump right in!

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1) Meditate Yoga and Meditation Center

4237 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: 773.472.9642

Meditate offers meditation and yoga classes at one location. This is unique because not all places in Chicago offer both of these. Check the website for specials, discounts and hours.

2) Tai Chi Center of Chicago

4043 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite 228

Chicago, IL 60613

Phone: 312.927.5959

Tai Chi offers a wonderful combination of low impact aerobics with meditation. Stress reduction, toning and general wellness and promoted as part of their offerings. Various classes are offered. Check the website for current listings and updates.

3) Shambhala

37 N. Carpenter St

Chicago, IL 60607

Telephone: 773.743.8147

If you are looking for a meditation Chicago resource that is downtown, we encourage you to check out Shambala. They have an expansive place in the West Loop and offer a variety of offerings. Shambhala also has other locations in the city and some suburbs. Check the website for offerings, specials, hours and specific locations.

4) Zen Life and Meditation Center of Chicago

38 Lake Street

Oak Park, IL 60302

Telephone: 708.689.1220

This is a wonderful Mediation Chicago resource offering meditation courses, morning meditations and retreats. Located in the Oak Park community. Only one block away from the CTA’s Green Line Austin stop. Check website for offerings, specials, discounts and hours.

5) Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center

2010 W. Pierce Ave

Chicago, IL 60622

Tel: 708.763.0132

If you are looking for a meditation classes or morning type meditations, you might want to try Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center. They have a Wicker Park Center on Pierce Street and offer a variety of offerings, including mindful mediations involving breathing. Check the website for hours, prices and discounts. Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center also has an Oak Park location.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t make it to any of these great Meditation Chicago locations because of your work schedule, you can always head over to our virtual Zen meditation room. We’ve made a few videos available for you to watch, including guided journeys that are designed to calm, relax and center.

If you are new to meditation or would like to learn more about the positive benefits of mindfulness, we encourage you to consider picking up the book: Meditation for Dummies. What we like about this resource is how it walks the reader through the entire world of meditation and highlights its many benefits.

So there you have it – five great Meditation Chicago resources to get your Zen on. Why not channel some positive energy your way and make wellness part of your daily ritual?