Paul Walker: Remembering his 41st Birthday

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Three Things We Should Remember about Paul 

As we near the birthday of Paul Walker, who would have been 41 years old on September 12, it is still hard to believe that the youthful, energetic and attractive actor is truly gone. He was the main star in one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, yet he was never one to seek out the spotlight. 

In the days that followed his passing, Walker was elevated by many in the press to near saint-like status, his handsome face now enshrined in the public memory for the ages. Today, for many, the name Paul Walker has become synonymous with the word legend. The pain of his loss was palatable by many of his fans, including me. In fact, it was something I tried to speak to and offer comfort to others after that terrible day in late November of last year. Let’s face it – his death was depressing.

Remembering His Essence

In processing all that happened with his death, it is easy to forget Paul Walker baseball capthat the core qualities of the man, namely modestly, generosity and kindness, are what attracted so many to him during his lifetime.

And so it is important to remember that his ability to connect with those around him was not a function of his good looks alone. Instead, Walker drew people to him because they could relate to his essence – an essence that was informed by being all too human.    

I’ve never understood the tabloid exploits about Paul Walker. So many in the press focused on his handsome appearance, which no doubt was stunning – yet missed the deeper story about the events in the man’s life that helped to shape who he was as a person and perhaps more important, who he was not. 

Following Paul Walker

I followed Paul Walker for pretty much his entire acting career; starting way back in the 1980’s when he grabbed a part in Monster 1610788_548715235232862_1728742123711514461_nin the Closet (1986) in his role as “Professor” Bennett.  If truth be told, there isn’t a flick he appeared in that I haven’t seen or an interview that he has given that I have not read.  

Upon his death I, like many of his fans, became deeply saddened. After a period of time, I also became curious about who he was away from the camera and how his image transformed in the days following his passing.

As many followers of Walker know, he was notoriously private.

And so, through the lens of time, contextualized through his public interviews, I’ve put together a more accurate, meaningful portrait of the star that can now be shared as we move closer towards his birthday – the first such anniversary to occur after his death. 

All Too Human

In the interviews given by Walker, what I noticed time and again was the tortured contradiction of a man who always seemed to have Paul Walker 41 birthdayone foot in Hollywood and one foot out. The conclusion is very simple: Paul Walker, like the rest of us, was all too human.

While it may be too late to push back against the public narrative that has taken hold about him, namely a handsome young celebrity whose life was tragically cut short, I believe there is still space to remember his deeper fabric, which really should be infused into our collective memory beyond his physical appearance.

What follows are 3 important things about Paul Walker that I hope provides you a better understanding his essence 

1. Compassion through Homelessness

In his very early 20’s, after graduating Sun Valley Christian High School in San Fernando, Paul Walker experienced what it was like to be homeless. While there were some press items about this early part of his life, much of it was lost in a sea of tributes in the immediate days following his death.

Walker already had some modeling and acting work under his belt, which helped him land the role of Brandon Collins on CBS’s, The Young and the Restless in 1992. While he made good wages for this work, he spent more money than he had, something not unheard of for new actors. And so when his time on Y&R ended, living on fumes, he enrolled in Santa Barbara City College to pursue one of his passions, marine biology. And it was during period of time, between 1992 and 1993, that Walker was homeless.

Paul Walker was Once Homeless
Paul Walker was Once Homeless

While this time in his life may have been short-lived, there is some evidence to suggest that the star may have been living out of cars and quite possibly, relying on food stamps, according to information gleamed from the Liberty Voice online.

His fortunes would obviously change later however; it is important to isolate this life event because it helps to inform us of the metal of the man. Part of the reason Walker was so compassionate to others and so giving to those in need, particularly strangers, is because he knew on some level what it was like to go without.

I encourage you to read more about this period of his life, which helps to shed a brighter light on who this man truly was. His homelessness may also help to inform why he freely gave to others and often did so anonymously.  It is perhaps for this reason that he began his charity, Reach Out Worldwide, to help those who were less fortunate.

2. Humility through mindfulness

By his own admission, Paul Walker made mistakes, which he described as doing some “stupid things” when he was younger, according to an interview he gave in 2009 in promotion of Takers. Apparently, one of those stupid things almost led to his being charged with a felony when he was 18-years old.

While the details of exactly what happened during time period remain unclear, we know that Walker must have been on the edge of something serious. Going by the Taker’s interview, this would have been circa 1990, around the time he would have made appearances on Charles in Charge and Who’s the Boss

And we need only look at more recent events to see the awareness of these flaws. According to a fan account in 2013, Walker was on break with his crew during the filming of Fast 7 in Atlanta. The fan’s wife, a waitress at the eatery, texted him to come quickly to the restaurant because she knew her husband was a big Fast and Furious fan.  

Paul Walker Six Feet Under
Fan Photo

Apparently, Walker had been previously flirting with the man’s wife, which the celeb stopped doing once he was informed by her that she was married. Upon the arrival of the husband to the restaurant, the wife introduced him to Walker and the Fast 7 crew. Paul immediately asked the man to pull up a chair and sit with him.

Walker, the Fast 7 crew and the husband of the waitress then proceeded to chat for about an hour, making light conversation about things other than movies. And Walker himself was curious, asking the fan questions about his life and about who he was as a person. Afterwards, Walker took photographs with both of them. I’ve included the photographs here. 

I am making the point here is that Paul was very much human, more than mindful and aware of who he was, where he came from and his mistakes.

And we see in this fan account a theme that is repeated countless times by those who came into contact with him – he was unpretentious, down to earth and real. This humble quality happens not because of genetics but instead, through a process that was shaped by living. 

Eerie Side Note

As an eerie side note that may have foretold the future, the photograph of Walker shown here was taken on September 18, 2013 at the restaurant Six Feet Under, located on Memorial Drive overlooking the historic Oakland Cemetery during filming of Fast 7, about 2 months before the star died.  

Did Picture Foretell The Future?

Paul Walker eery photo

3. He really loved the oceans and its creatures

When you look at Paul Walker’s life and explore the things that really interested him, you see a man who was deeply connected to the ocean, his crystal blue eyes almost perfectly matching the depth of the aqua paul walker montereyblue sea. Walker’s father shared in an on camera interview after Paul’s death that his son had a unique connection with all things oceanic. In fact, the star was involved in the protection and conservation of sea life and had a real passion for the ocean and its many creatures.

Below you will find a short video that features Walker talking to Dr. Michael Domeier, a marine research scientist. The interview is part of a promotion piece for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. What is important that you notice is the absolute focus Walker has on Domeier when the scientist is talking about the topic of sharks.  

On more than one occasion, Walker wanted to quit his job as an actor and immerse himself in the study of marine biology, something revealed in an interview with Domeier appearing on the Entertainment Weekly website.

“Hey, I want to quit acting. I want to go back to school. Can you help me?” said, Paul.

As an aside, when you look at the array of publicly available photographs of Paul Walker, you will also notice that he loved animals – animals of all kinds and types. 


There is so much more I could share with you about this actor. He came from a blue-collar background and humble beginnings. Walker was by no means perfect – he had a number of flaws, several of which have come up since his passing in November. And I am the first to say the man was not a saint. He had a reputation of living on the edge and had no doubt had brushed up against death before.

That however is not the point of this article. Instead, my hope is to leave you with a deeper, more substantive personalogical mosaic, which can be traced back to a time well before he became a star on the silver screen.

And I would be remiss in not mentioning his daughter, Meadow, who meant so much to Paul that he had her name tattooed on his wrist. We should also remember his girlfriend, Jasmine, who according to news reports, Walker planned on marrying in the future. And finally, we should remember Paul’s family.

He was a good actor – not great. With that shared, the truth is that I still miss seeing him. Not for his celebrity status, nor his looks. I miss him because, like many of his fans, he had a humble life story that folks could relate to – mistakes and all.  In plain speak, the guy was real. 

I encourage you to give generously to Paul Walker’s Charity as we get close to his birthday this September 12. Remember all of the reasons you liked him and all of the joy he brought to your life.  

Happy birthday Paul – we miss you plenty.

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  1. This was a GREAT article on Paul Walker for his birthday. I just shared. Interesting photograph by the way you found!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful story about Paul. As you said he was not perfect but as close as a person can get today, so compassionate to others and just wonderful. Again thank you

  3. Nice story but from what I’ve read and been told he was not with Jasmine at the end his life was devoted to Meadow. Jasmine has been with and is now engaged to someone else. Paul and Jasmine broke up in 2012.

    • Hi, Gayle,

      I keep hearing that he was single here and I am not doubting it – I just want to see something that confirms this. I also would like to know why Jasmine was still living in his house and moved out after he passed. Again, more than happy to update my article but I really would like to see something on this front.

        • was jasmine still with paul walker when he past away, she went to his funral
          some are saying yes others no so woner what truth is

    • Gayle, I’ve seen nothing that demonstrates the two were broken up. As I have said previously in other responses, I am more than happy to update the article with this information, provided I have something to substantiate. I have watched the Hours interview many times. He never said he was not with Jasmine in that interview.

    • Paul and Jasmine broke up in 2011. And yes she been dating some other guy last couple years I believe and is engaged to the guy.

  4. That’s a very lovely and touching article about a wonderful man who left us too soon.
    I also read a lot of interviews and stories about him.
    What I would like you to know is, that Paul was Single when he died.
    Jasmine and Paul split up a long time ago. In one of his last interviews (promoting Hours) he said it himself. That he is Single and is looking forward to spent a lot of time with his daugther Meadow.

    • Do we have any articles or information on this that I can post as an update. The public reporting seems to indicate something different. I’ve seen no news stories say anything different. In fact, just the opposite. The two were living together at the time of his passing.

    • There is NO evidence to support what you are saying. If Jasmine were engaged it would be VERY big news. We all saw Jasmine in tears and she was living with Paul at the time of the death. Documented many times over. Paul said he was single because he was trying to keep that relationship under wraps for reasons EVERYONE knows. Also, here is a video that proves the two were together. What you are going on is TOTAL rumor backed up by NO facts.


      • To PW Fan Forever,

        I assume you were responding to Fan of Paul with your post. Thanks for the link to this video. I have never seen it before.

    • Fan of Paul WTF are you talking about? I have been following the entire Paul Walker thing and have never heard anything like you are saying. Did you pull that from your butt?

    • How stupid are you people? The relationship with Jasmine was a secret because Paul met her when she was a teenager (16) and he was an adult (33). He would have been ripped apart from the media had that been public. Get a clue dummies!

      • A bit harsh calling people stupid & dummies!! it’s been out in the media for a few years now that they dated…it didn’t just come out when Paul died…I don’t know if they were still together or not at the time of his death…I guess we will never know for sure unless someone from Paul’s family speaks out about it…I doubt very much that they will do that though….

  5. I really thought this was a great article until I got up to the part about his ex girlfriend. It is sad you didn’t do your research in that area & that you’d even include her in the same paragraph as his daughter! To be quite honest she shouldn’t have been included at all. They were not together when Paul passed. Actually since 2010. The only ones spewing any type of false marriage information is her & her family. What a shame. Even in death Paul & his family can’t be rid of her & her family’s sick antics!
    Rest in peace Paul! We will forever miss you, your beautiful smile, generous heart, & genuine kind spirit! You were truly one of a kind!

  6. Jasmine & Paul had never lived together! At the time of his passing the only people living with Paul in his home were Meadow & a family friends daughter named Amanda Hall! She also accompanied Paul to the event the day he passed away!

    Paul & his ex split up in 2010-2011. You can also view some of his interviews prior to his death where he states he was single & devoting all of his time & attention to raising his daughter. When Meadow moved in with him 2 yrs prior to his passing is when he ended things with his ex.

    The only media information you are getting is from her family & from TMZ type outlets regarding anything going on between the two as of late.

  7. There is an interview for Brick Mansions, and he says Meadow is the only one in his life he only has time for her, she’s the best partner he’s ever had. Look up Brick mansion interviews on youtube.

    • Hi, Kim,

      Thanks for the post. I have seen this video before. No offense but please watch again. Paul is talking about talking about potentially taking on a role in a movie and if his daughter would approve. The reporter never asked him if he was dating anyone. She asked is Meadow has any say over the women in his life, which Paul said they were still figuring out.

      And yes – he talked about his daughter in that interview and he said she was the “best partner ever” but he’s talking about being a dad here. He actually did not talk about his personal relationships with women. He never really did this in any of his interviews. As an aside, help me to understand why Jasmine was still living with Paul then at the time of his passing? Finally, look at his Who’s Dated Who Profile. The last girl listed Jasmine.

      Again, if I have this wrong, I am more than happy to correct.

  8. Guys Paul obviously had a relationship with Jasmine because they were living together. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, they shared SOMETHING.

    John, thank you for this really nice article on Paul Walker. I don’t think I have seen another fan tribute like this and that you did it for his birthday really says you were a major fan. A lot of us feel like you do and miss him. I hope he is in a better place. I just shared this article with some friends.

    By the way I did not know he was ever homeless.

  9. It was a great article, and maybe they were still together, but don’t you find it strange that when they interviewed his dad, an when the fast and furious cast talk they never mention a girlfriend, and there isn’t any current photos of them together. If she was living with him why sit on the curb, why not go inside to be closer to him? Just my thoughts. Again the rest was a very good article, maybe more on meadow would have been nice.

    • Hi, Kim,

      Thanks so much. You make a good point – I will say that for sure. Hopefully, others reading this will be able to offer to share a little in terms of what they know or any more recent photos. Glad you liked the article!

  10. Of course they were together, but they split up in 2010 already!
    All the pics you see of Jasmine and Paul are old pictures. Even the video someone posted of Paul and Jasmine in the restaurant is old. In 2010 Paul had another girlfried.
    He said it himself once in an interview. + Jasmine was not at Caleb’s wedding, she wasn’t at the funeral with Paul’s family. Jasmine and Paul split up such a long time ago. Jasmine is engaged to someone else. And why was she sitting in front of Paul’s house after his death? When they would have lived together she should have a key to the house and not just sit in front of it. What the media wrote was just wrong information which was given out by some family members of Jasmine.

  11. It just sounds better and gives a better story if they write about the griving girlfriend. The poor girl who is all alone now. Nobody would wanted to read an article about the fact that Paul had no girlfriend by the time of his passing. It was just a better way to sell some magazines. It’s sad but it’s true.

  12. John, my story is almost the opposite of yours. I never saw a Paul Walker motion picture before October 2013 when I viewed Joy Ride on DVD. In November 2013, I viewed Running Scared and it was then I realized that Paul wasn’t just another handsome Hollywood face but that he had tremendous acting talent. I purchased F&F 1 prior to Paul’s passing but I had not yet watched it by November 30, 2013. Since then, I have purchased/viewed all of his movies that are still in print and I have read most of the news articles, accident reports, autopsy results etc. that have been written and I feel the story still has some loose ends. I have a great sense of sadness for this remarkable young man, who was selfless and never was able to realize his full acting potential and leaves behind a grieving family and legions of fans.

    If it matters, I agree with those on this board who believe Paul had severed his relationship with Jasmine long before he passed. There are no pictures of Jasmine with Paul’s family and especially none of Jasmine and Meadow. I think the lack of those two together in a picture tells you all you need to know.

    • Jim,

      Thanks for coming by to share. I do feel there are some lose ends as well regarding his passing and the surrounding events. I appreciate what you have shared about Jasmine. Once I am able to to something to confirm the two had severed the relationship, I will certainly update this story. As an aside, I am still trying to understand this question – if Paul and Jasmine were not together, why was she living in his house? Was she just there as a Nanny? It’s a valid question (I think at least). If the reports of her living there are not correct, I apologize in advance.

  13. John – I can only speculate, but if Jasmine ever lived with Paul, she was most likely gone from his home by mid-2011. His house was quite small (about 1,100 sq. ft.), so folks would have been bumping into one another all the time.

    I have some questions with the narrative on Paul’s passing, but this is your article so I would like to hear yours before I post any of mine. BTW, thanks for the original article and your reply.

    • Hi, Jim,

      Thanks for the response. What you shared makes sense. I did not know his house was only 1,00 sq ft. – interesting. As far as the narrative goes with his passing, I do think there are some things that folks forget. The main one is that he was not driving. And so in its truest form, his death was tragic. Many people mistakenly belief he was the driver. How they got that idea I will never know (golly-gee … the media?)

      Love to hear what your thoughts are on the narrative.

      • John – The house has two bedrooms; sq footage is per public records. I’m out of town for 10 days and will get back to you when I return.

          • I’m back in town and I’m glad that I didn’t write during the birthday observation. So very sad. Here’s a few of the questions that still bother me:
            My #1 question is what really caused the accident? The generic “excess speed” is hard to accept given Roger Rodas’ driving skills. The Coroner’s Office initially leaked an estimate of 100+ mph which made Roger (and Paul) seem very reckless. If you read the accident report, the speed was revised down to a range between 81 to 94 mph, although many writers still report 100+ mph. The lowered range was an estimate based on the supposed grip strength of the Porsche’s 9 year old tires. No attempt was made to find similar tires and test their actual grip strength. They just guessed. The lowered range still seems high to me, because in a few hundred feet the car had to negotiate a 90 degree right hand turn at 15 mph.
            The accident investigators were able to obtain security camera footage from several businesses in the area where the Porsche was visible and an accurate speed calculation could have been made [measure the actual distance represented by the screen and the time to traverse; apply distance formula d=r*t to determine actual speed]. However, it appears that was never done.
            Next question – the quote “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling“ was never sourced to any interview of PW yet was ubiquitous on the day after the accident. Where did the quote come from?
            Next question – There was a report floating on some media about an internet rumor that PW had been killed in an automobile accident and that his publicist denied that and said he was spending Thanksgiving with his family. I heard that report on the radio on 11-29-13 at 11:00 PM EST as I was driving back to PA [where I was visiting] from visiting friends in Delaware. Where did the report come from? “Just Jared” swears it didn’t exist but I know what I heard.
            I could go on and on with questions; as to question #1 let’s hope that Kristine Rodas’ lawsuit sheds some light.

          • Hi, Jim,

            We are on the same wave-length with your questions. I have had many of the same questions/concerns you have mentioned here in your response. There is still some question about how fast the car was truly going. I have seen many different reports and even saw a forensic specialist on TV claim they were going around 90.

            I have never been able to source the quote you mentioned either. Sometimes, folks repeat things so many times that it becomes “fact”. Is it possible this was a quote from a move role? Perhaps but I have not found it yet (maybe someone reading this will be able to offer insight?).

            I specifically remember hearing PW had passed before it was officially announced. I had hear about it the day before actually. To me, that was just a little too freaky … because the rumor turned out to be almost identical to what happened on November 30th.

            My sense is that you are among the few people who really were moved by his passing. There was something about Paul Walker that struck a chord with many. I tried to capture his essence in that pre-birthday blog-post we are communicating on here. Still, it does not truly get at how he tugged at the hearts of so many.

            I am looking to see how the lawsuit shakes out myself. That will be interesting to be sure. Glad you stopped back by. Always remember – I am never grow tired of talking about Paul Walker lol. Pretty obvious by now I bet.

          • John – Thanks for your response – glad to know others heard the internet rumor on the day before; thought I might be losing it. More questions to follow.

          • John – To continue our earlier conversation – After the accident, I questioned how the Porsche’s engine could possibly been hot enough to ignite the gasoline that poured from the ruptured fuel tank when Roger and Paul had ostensibly been traveling for less than a minute. After reading the accident report, it appears that the early reports had been incorrect and they had been riding around for 15-20 minutes.

            I still question how after the accident the base of the streetlamp was facing down the street – in the direction the Porsche came from – rather than in the direction it was moving. Once the Porsche climbed the sidewalk, it ping ponged between the trees and the streetlamp pole but I can’t figure out the force that moved the base of the streetlamp from the ground and how it fell backwards – sideways into the street I could understand, but not backwards. Also, despite the damage to other parts of the Porsche, the hood came out relatively unscathed.

            The autopsy indicated that Paul had no tattoos and that he was 5’ 11” tall. Probably due to the charring of his body his “Meadow” tattoo was overlooked as it was on his inner right forearm rather than the outer arm where most folks are tattooed. The fire probably also interfered with the measurement of his height as he was generally considered to be 6’ 2”.

            My final question was whether Roger or Paul suffered in the fire. The autopsy shows Roger died from impact with the streetlamp pole and while Paul was injured and probably knocked unconscious from impact with the trees, he lingered for a short while. A witness who saw Paul in the burning car indicates that he never saw movement, so we have to assume Paul remained unconscious.

          • Jim,

            I was totally unaware that the autopsy said he did not have a tattoo (or tattoos). That is interesting. So is the other information you have shared here as part of your reflective analysis. I am curious, do you think something is being covered up? If so, what might that be?

          • John – I do not feel that anything is being covered up by LA County Coroner’s Department personnel. Most folks probably do not understand the amount of charring of the bodies; Paul’s hair and clothing were completely burned as was most of his skin. FYI – the tattoo information is on page 3/15 of the autopsy report – “No scars or tattoos were noted.” I do believe the Sheriff’s Dept / California Highway Patrol should have calculated the speed of the Porsche whenever videotape was available; not doing so questions their desire to reveal the full facts and circumstances of this terrible event.

            As to the link Melanie provided, many of these pictures are available on the Facebook page “Paul Walker Forever” Romania, PA although I think it’s really the country of Romania. Sometimes we forget that Paul Walker had an international fan base, and that he is still being mourned throughout the world.

          • Hi, Jim,

            I saw photos of the charred body online (yes, I went and looked). There was not much left. I do not think anything is being covered up per se’ but I also question some of the assumptions and conclusions that were made in the report. I will go through it again later to see what you mentioned here.

            What is so very interesting to me – from the psychological standpoint – is just HOW impactful this man’s passing was on people. People often say to me, “I don’t get it…what’s the big deal”. It is still hard to put it into words I think when offering a response.

            I still remember when I got the news on November 30th. I dropped the phone when the text came through. I was utterly put into a place of shock. Particularly because I was aware of that rumor the day before.

  14. You can go on YouTube and look at one of his lat interviews but he mentions he was single and he was just wanting to spend all the quality time with his daughter cause she was growing up so fast and she just turned 15. That was like right before he died. He was also talkin bout how special it was to have her there on set with him when he did the movie hours.

    • Hi, Trish,

      Thanks. Not sure if you saw the other discussions on this but the interview has been watched. He never said he was single in the interview. Watch it again closely. Again, once I get something that confirms they were not together, I certainly will update the page. As recent as 4 months ago, the press continued to report Jasmine as his girlfriend and even fiance.

  15. John-

    I found a Twitter or Instagram? account with Meadow’s name and VK (much of the banter in a foreign language I can’t decipher) after it where she states they were NOT together at the time of Paul’s death. If you would like more details, let me know.

  16. Lots of before unseen photos-there is dialogue regarding Paul and Jasmine (foreign language in some cases)-how true the source is I don’t know, but it seems to confirm they were NOT together at the time of Paul’s death.

  17. I don’t get it….it comes right up for me….there are photos of Paul on his birthday last year at his house (I’m assuming) that I had not seen before. I’ll check with my computer whiz son to see if he has any other ideas. 🙁

    • I honestly have not. Very interesting. I’m leaving the link and conversation here so that others can chime in as well. It would be helpful if we had more context. Thanks so much for the info!

  18. Hi, I’m really new to this thread so just catching up. but going back to one of your questions, Jim, as I see it was days ago, regarding a seemingly unfounded quote from Walker, ‘if the speed kills me one day, do not cry because I was smiling’, it was actually confirmed by a close relative of his. It’s an aunt, and her facebook page is open to the public, name dottie crabtree johnson. In her timeline, going to early Dec. 2013, she said he did tell her that at one time.
    …btw John, I had no idea there was an actual hoax the day before his death, ironic and sad:'(

  19. John-I thought the death photos were fake??? That being said, I’m not sure I want to see them if there are “real” ones out there. I agree that it’s hard to put into words the effect of Paul’s death on so many but he was extremely easy to relate to despite his gorgeous looks and celebrity-there was a genuine kindness about him- Something exuded from him! I refuse to think or believe that it’s a “morbid fascination of a celebrity’s death” (which is one of the “diagnosis” I have heard). Anyway, I’m not fascinated by his death, I’m fascinated in him and who he was. Any thoughts on writing another article? Maybe on the continued interest in him and why that’s so?? By the way, I shared the foreign link to pics of Meadow and him because I would hope the other devoted fans of his would do the same if they found a site that had uncommon photos etc. I’m sure a lot of us have surfed the web and found sites related to him.

    • Hi, Melanie,

      I am not sure if any of the pics on the net are true. I must admit that I did peek at them when someone sent me the link. I think some of the pics however that are “out there” may actually be real. As far as an article goes, I will write something for sure around 30 November for the anniversary of his passing. I am not sure of the theme yet but it will likely be some type of “look back” or something related.

      I am hoping at some point someone writes a book about PW. And I mean a REAL book about him and not a bunch of glossy pictures. I have always felt he had a unique life story that was often missed in glitz and glam of his celebrity. Not sure if you have visited Google + but there are lots of fan communities on that social media platform with very rare pictures.

      Always feel free to post here. I never get tired of posting on PW topics lol.

  20. Thank you. I look forward to your article and agree a book should be written. Probably will be challenging, especially regarding his private life as he guarded his privacy so much. Thank you for keeping the “Paul” dialogue open…..:)

  21. I was just watching old interviews/videos with him and it’s amazing to me that a year later it’s just as intensely sad (but at the same time, it’s joyful to watch and listen to him)! Unique man…….

  22. Hours and Brick Mansions? I have seen both….loved Hours-thought he was a revelation in that! Brick Mansions-so so, but always a pleasure to see him. I’m assuming you saw the recent interview with his Dad? Heartbreaking…..:(

    • Hi, Melanie,

      Yep – saw both movies. Can you provide the link to the dad interview? I have not seen and might use in my article. Thanks so much!

        • John – I’m deducting one discrepancy and adding another.

          DEDUCT: I now understand the streetlamp discrepancy. Originally, the streetlamp fell uphill in the direction that the Porsche was moving. You can see that on the TMZ video:
          The streetlamp had to be moved (rotated on its base) in order for the Porsche to be loaded onto the car carrier to be towed from the accident scene.

          ADD: How did the Porsche’s “black box” recording systems fail? There was a recording unit and a backup unit which would have indicated speed and braking – both failed – data was not recoverable. Only the recording unit for the airbags could be read and that indicated that all critical airbags had deployed.

          Other Updates:

          The Kristine Rodas lawsuit ran into a snag in September 2014 when the judge ruled against 4 of the 5 claims, but allowed for those to be amended for further consideration. Her lawyers indicated that they would amend the claims.

          General Interest Questions:

          Initially, why did the press report that Paul’s Fast 7 scenes were 50% complete when they were really 85% complete? Paul was scheduled to film “The Best of Me“ in February 2014 so he had to be nearly finished by late November.

          Why were a uniformed military person and a folded U.S. flag at the funeral?

          A banner was flown overhead the accident scene and credited to Paris Hilton – she says she didn’t do it – who did and why?


  23. John-

    The link to “E On-Line” wouldn’t work but go to their web-site or “Entertainment Tonight”‘s-the interviews with Paul’s father were Monday night and last night – not sure if it’s all week or not-you could check locally for whatever time you get ET. Lots of childhood pictures and home movies of Paul! I believe the interview is on You Tube as well and have you ever checked out the Facebook page “Remember Paul Walker”?-lots of stuff on there-run by a very nice gentleman from Australia. Paul is SO beloved-in fact Paul’s father tells the story of the last time he saw him and he joked to him that they were going to start calling him “St. Paul” because of his philanthropic work……good luck on your article. Can’t wait to read it! “Remember Paul Walker” compiled a book of fan’s thoughts about Paul on the Facebook page and sent it to Paul’s mother and father for the anniversary of his death.
    No word back from them yet….

  24. I’m so glad there is a forum to talk about Paul with people who understand the on-going interest. Thanks John! How about that home movie with Paul shooting a bow and arrow included in Paul Sr’s interview? Beyond touching and adorable……………Paul’s mother was gorgeous by the way.

  25. – John-In case you didn’t know that Paul was awarded a humanitarian award for his ROWW work in Haiti. His brother Cody accepted it on his behalf….

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