Therapist for Gay Issues in Chicago

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Therapist for Gay Issues

Need a therapist for gay issues in Chicago? If so, you are not alone. Many of the clients who come to us for counseling identify gay or lesbian. Let’s face it, when you are gay, you want to work with someone who “gets” what you mean when you talk about specific issues. More importantly, you don’t want to feel like you are being judged.

That’s probably why you conducted a search for a therapist who understands gay issues.

Rather than give you a silly, generic rundown of the counseling services we offer, we’re going to provide five concrete reasons why choosing one of our counselors for your therapy and counseling needs could help you with whatever life challenges you might be facing.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Therapist for Gay Issues

1. No Need to Edit or Educate

When you make the decision to work with one of our therapists, there’s no need to “edit” your comments because you are unsure if your therapist will “get it”. Rest assured, we do.

Here is why:

  • Several of our counselors are openly gay.
  • Other counselors here at 2SC are gay friendly, having worked at some of the city’s largest LGBT community agencies.
  • We speak to gay related issues on a regular basis, including challenges associated with gay dating in Chicago.

2. Our Counselors Affirm Gay & Lesbian Relationships

An additional benefit of working with one of our Chicago therapists is that you will be coming to therapy with the understanding that our counselors affirm and support same sex relationships.

Here’s How:

  • Our premarital counseling program was one of the first in the nation to directly address gay and lesbian couples counseling needs.
  • In almost all of our publications, we make it a point to include language that affirms gay relationships – including our find a therapist guide.
  • We’re not afraid to list gay therapy related counseling services – we’ve been doing it since 2006!

3. We Understand Gay & Lesbian Issues

While it is true that gay & lesbian issues are unique to each individual, we also understand there are certain “themes” that often crop up among our Chicago clientele.

Here is what we mean:

4. We Support Gay and Lesbian Related Causes

For nearly a decade, 2nd Story Counseling has been part of the LGBT community. Our counselors attend whatever current trainings may be available that specifically speak to issues impacting the LGBT community.

Here are some examples:

  • Working with other wellness providers who offer services to gay men.
  • Supporting political candidates who affirm gay and lesbian relationships.
  • Celebrating positive news that affirms gay and lesbian families.

5. Recognizing Compatibility Matters

While it is true of all couples that compatibility is important, this is particularly true for gay couples. This means emotional and sexual compatibility. Our therapists understand that the cylinders need to be operating on multiple levels for things to “work” so to speak.

We also recognize that each person we encounter is different and that what might work for one person many not work another. This is why we do not take cookie cutter approaches to helping our clients.

Need a Therapist for Gay Issues? Call 773.528.1777 or Send Us a Confidential Note.

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