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Chicago Therapists: Marriage, Couples & Individuals

At 2nd Story Counseling we want to be your choice for therapy. As you search for therapists in Chicago and surrounding areas, we’d like you to know we have a passion for counseling. Our Chicago therapists use a solution-focused, strength based approach to assist clients throughout the lifespan. 

Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions and Trauma

We help our Chicago clients with depression, anxiety, PTSD/Trauma using a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Our Chicago therapists offer several types of services, including one on one counseling, marriage counseling, couples counseling, pre-marriage counseling, relationship therapy, career counseling, addictions counseling and life coaching.

Because we know most people lead busy lives, online counseling  is made available to individuals and couples in situations where it may make sense.

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Career Counseling


Chicago Therapists: Individuals, Couples, Marriage, Pre-Marriage Counseling

Therapists in Chicago

As therapists in Chicago, we provide these counseling services in a warm, affirming and safe environment that is designed to honor you as a person. One of 2nd Story Counseling’s guiding principles is that self-growth is possible for all people through the transformational process of talk-therapy. It is for this reason we offer individualized women’s counseling and men’s counseling services. 

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Counseling Services

We embrace the belief that when you reach out, you are really reaching in. In plain speak, that is why we provide so many different types of counseling services, including mindfulness therapy, designed to help you identify your strengths in the here and now and then move towards a place of desired growth and change.

By integrating different therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy , solution focused therapy and positive psychology, we help clients gain momentum, thereby dislodging them from feeling “stuck”, which in turn empowers new beginnings for the future.

As a multi-cultural counseling group, we welcome clients from all cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Since our founding, we have been and continue to be a LGBT affirming organization, assisting clients who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. In short, we believe diversity enriches the whole.

Chicago Therapists – Strength Based

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Marriage Counseling

We believe in and promote a wellness model, which is characteristically strength based. This approach to counseling is used to empower individuals, increase self-esteem and motivate people to work through and overcome life challenges.

It is important that you know we do not subscribe in the traditional “sickness” model that so many in the field of therapy and counseling are clinically attached to, which historically suggests a person has an “illness”. 

Our therapists and counselors realize that the road on life’s journey can be difficult and that sometimes we all need support. 

This is particularly true when you are feeling depressed, anxious or confused about a current life situation. These feelings can become amplified if you have ADHD or are experiencing relationship problems, or body image issues. Past traumas and PTSD can complicate things further.

Coping with these life challenges can be difficult. To medicate the emotional pain, some turn to unhealthy behaviors, such as substance abuse or sex addiction. Our therapists understand these challenges and want to help.

Marriage, Couples and Pre-Marriage Counseling Chicago

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Couples Counseling

Our marriage and couples counseling professionals believe that the desire to seek out relationship therapy is an important step towards healing potential wounds. Finding the right marriage counselor or couples therapist to fit your needs can be challenging however, all of our relationship helpers are highly trained in the art of couples counseling and are eager to assist you with your relationship needs.

We specialize in helping couples identify barriers that may exist within their relationship and guide them towards places of change. Our marriage and couples counselors are down to earth, practical and interactive. Using a conversational and direct style, we assist people in relationships identify unhealthy patterns of behavior, which can often be the source of much pain.  

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Pre-Marriage Counseling

We also offer pre-marriage (premarital) counseling to couples who are looking to help strengthen their relational bonds and maximize the chances of success for their marriage over the long-term.

Towards the bottom of this page, we’ve included a video that features some of our therapists and their offices. We invite you to look around this counseling website and check out our therapy learning room.

You will find a number of informational articles and tools that are designed to provide knowledge and insight. Be sure to visit our Zen Meditation Room and stop by our Chicago Therapists Blog.

On the bottom of this page, we’ve also added some information on how to find a therapist for your counseling needs. We hope to be your choice in Chicago for therapy and counseling. Thank you for visiting 2nd Story Counseling – where we believe every life has a second story. 

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Every Life has a 2nd Story – Visit Our Chicago Therapists Learning Room


How to Find a Therapist in Chicago?

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Finding a good therapist in Chicago can at times be challenging, particularly if we are new to the therapy process or if we are unsure about what kind of therapy or counseling we need in order to help us work through certain life issues and challenges. We invite you to read the seven characteristics of a good therapist and look around our website and explore our counseling services so that you can make a healthy decision for you or your relationship. If you want to find out more about how to find a therapist in Chicago or elsewhere,. read our ultimate guide!

The Chicago therapists at 2nd Story Counseling offer one on one therapy, couples counseling, marriage counseling and coaching have a passion for the work we do.

We believe each and every person we encounter has a unique life story and celebrate the diversity and richness of the individual. New beginnings can happen. Walking together, let us help you identify and reach your life goals.  

Ask yourself: “What would it be like to create a new life direction?

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