5 Ways Gratitude Attracts Positive Karma

positive energy karmaGratitude and Karma

By: Dr. John D. Moore

Gratitude is a term that became popularized during the 1990’s as part of a wider discussion of living mindfully. When you hear the word “gratitude”, you likely think of being “thankful” for what you have. While giving thanks is certainly part of the dynamic – its only part of the equation.

The other part relates to our general gratitude mindset. In other words, gratitude is a state of being that borrows from different elements of psycho-spirituality; a 25-cent term used to describe a combination of psychology and spiritualism.

Gratitude defined

At its core, gratitude is an affirmation of goodness. This means that we affirm there are good things in this world and regularly acknowledge their existence. This positive energy that gratitude targets can come from deep within ourselves or from the wider, external universe. Many folks refer to this energy as karmic energy or simply karma.

gratitude positive energyIf you think of gratitude as the color green on a standard light spectrum, you soon start to realize that it really stands out. Metaphorically speaking, I am saying gratitude has reparative and restorative powers that in some ways we understand and in others we do not.

What we do know is that psycho-spiritually, the energy of gratitude has benefits that are linked to well-being. And so the motivation behind adopting a gratitude mindset is simply this – it can help to attract positive karma.

What follows are five specific ways gratitude can help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Some of these tips may come off as somewhat simplistic in nature while others will make you think. Read them all so that you are able to absorb their deeper meaning.


1. Gratitude repels negative energy

You don’t need to be a new-age hipster to figure out that negative energy (aka toxic energy) is a very real thing. What you may not know is that toxic thinking has a way of attracting toxic people.

One way to push back against this caustic form of energy is to look for the good in a given situation – no matter how ugly that situation might be. By doing this, you are practicing mindful gratitude, which acts as barrier against the destructive powers of negative thinking.

2. Gratitude attracts wealth

Simply thinking you will be rich does not magically create instant wealth. While there is something to be said for laying claim to a future reality – positive thinking will only get you so far.

Genuine gratitude for what you do have at this very moment in time does however create a dynamic where there is spiritual room for wealth. This means you hold the core belief of and mindset that you are worthy of living a life of financial abundance. Do you see the difference between the two constructs?

By accepting the good things that you have in your life right now, you attract other good things to your being. On the flip side, if you focus on what you do not have (aka the negative), you paradoxically create a “less than” equation and set yourself up for disappointment.

3. Gratitude attracts happiness

Positive karma in many ways acts like a moth to a flame, flowing abundantly towards those who give freely of themselves without expectations. The opposite however, is true when we give to others with a feeling that we are entitled to receive something back. While this might work well for political favors and patronage, it doesn’t operate on the same plain in the world of Zen.

Whenever you give something to someone – meaning truly give it should be done with from the heart and from your essence. The priceless gift that you receive in return, which cannot be manufactured or synthesized, is happiness. Think about this the next time your mood takes a dip after giving to another with expectations.

positive karma

4. Gratitude promotes a healthier body

One of the most destructive psychological wounds we can inflict upon ourselves is the toxic belief of total dissatisfaction with our bodies. This kind of “stinking thinking” creates negativity in perpetuity by placing caustic and irrational distortions upon your appearance. Not only does this attract negative karma, it also has a way of paradoxically making fears about your appearance become a reality. The old saying, we are what we think very much holds true here.

Gratitude for the good things about your body, both inside and out, has a way of acting as building blocks for your future goals. When you tap into the psycho-spiritual energy associated with seeing the good when you look in the mirror, you tune into a frequency known as wellness. Take a mindful breath and then ask yourself: “What are you attracting when you see your image reflecting back?”

5. Gratitude attracts prosperity

This particular point is not the same as the previously mentioned point – wealth. Instead, I am talking about the universal construct of prosperity, which means living a life of security and general well-being. Prosperity is empowered by a having a belief in yourself, meaning all of the gifts you bring to bear with each new day.

Do not mistake this with self-absorbed narcissism, which in the clinical sense is a personality disorder and inextricably linked to negativity.

Being confident in yourself means holding accurate thoughts that you possess the ability to work through a given set of challenges on your own. It means you are likeable for the person you are – including your plusses and minuses.

Finally, it means you are worthy of giving and receiving love … which empowers self-worth. When you combine these elements together, you end up with true, everlasting prosperity.

What’s nice about this read is that it can be downloaded to your electronic device, such as your iPad or Kindle. More importantly, it affords you the opportunity to create awareness around all that you have while focusing on the good. As mentioned earlier, affirming and acknowledging good things is a major part of this construct we call gratitude.

Final Thoughts

One excellent way to practice gratitude is to start each new day with something positive. Many people use morning meditations as a way of attracting the psycho-spiritual elements that were discussed earlier. What’s important is that you take a mindful approach to gratitude, meaning being grateful for this very moment in time. The future is not promised. Tomorrow is a gift.

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