Chicago and Depression: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Green Plant!

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Chicago Can Be Depressing in Winter

Daniel Sullivan, LPC

Depression is a common reality for many people in Chicago, particularly during the winter months where the days and shorter and sunlight hard to find. Is it any wonder why the windy city has been dubbed with the title as one of the nation’s most depressing cities?

There are some things you can do to help push back against the crushing sadness that is part of our cold reality during months spanning from November through March – like investing in a green plant!

Green Plants

Believe it or not, investing a few dollars in a green plant for your household can help you chase away the blues and act as a powerful mood lifter. You might be thinking what I am suggesting here is a bit out there but just stay with me.

Green plants have long been known to have healing powers. For thousands of years, mankind has used plants to help cure various diseases and to medicate burns, cuts and scratches. The ancients often kept green plants around as a quick way to show reverence to the creator with the hope of attracting healing. Scientists have long known that plants can act as a complimentary therapy for the treatment of depression in some people.

There are obviously a number of different kinds of plants to choose from – and no, we are not talking about cannabis! All you really need to do is find a regular houseplant that you can pick up just about anywhere, like your local grocery store or neighborhood market. Examples include the Golden Pothos or the spider plant.

green plants
Chinese Evergreen


5 Reasons Why You Need a Green Plant in Chicago

Now that we have established some of the benefits of having a green plant around, I am going to give you 5 specific reasons people in Chicago should have at least one plant in their home to help chase away the winter blues.

Check it out!

1. Plants improve air quality

If the air in your home seems a bit stale, it would probably help to open up a window. This can be hard to do however when it’s freezing outside! One natural way to improve air quality in your home is to have a green plant around. Hard research has been conducted on the impact plants have on air quality and there really isn’t a debate here – plants help!

2. Plants are a form of life

A great thing about having a plant around during brutal Chicago winters is the simple fact that these green little creatures are a form of life. They are constantly engaged in the process of creating oxygen for us to breath and producing energy through photosynthesis. It just makes sense to have something life giving inside of your home when outside it looks like everything is essentially dead.

3. The color green lifts your mood

Green is a calming and refreshing color. Research suggests that the color green also helps to reduce different forms of anxiety and increase energy levels. It is perhaps for this reason so many doctors’ offices have moved away from clinical white and replaced paint schemes with soft hews of greens, blues and browns.

4. Green plants help with mindful living

When it’s totally crappy outside, you are pretty much forced to stay indoors. After a while, it can get real boring – real fast! One way to help pass away the time is to have something to take care of, like a plant! By focusing on something living and being aware of the moment, you are less likely to dwell on the nasty reality that is staring back at you through your window. Sources of mindfulness can come from a number of sources, including your dog.

5. Green helps attract money

There is a reason that the color of money is green here in the United States. Green is thought to be one of the colors that can help to attract wealth. Some people believe in this so much that they buy something called the money tree plant. The money tree is used as a feng shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and prosperity. What do you have to lose – if your green plant helps you to attract money, you can use some of that dough to jet out of Chicago for at least part of the winter! Of course, you will need to know your destination and have a plan for this to happen. Who knows, maybe you will be able to afford a luxurious trip!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – five solid reasons why you need a green plant to chase away depression if you live in Chicago. If you are not used to taking care of plants or if you have a history of killing these green little creatures, I want to encourage you to pick up the book, Houseplants for Dummies by Larry Hodgson. Inside you will find straight forward, basic information on how to grow and take care of plants in your home, apartment or condo.



I hope you found the information here useful. Now head outside and go buy a green plant. What else do you have to lose?

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