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Counseling for Women in Chicago

If you are a woman seeking counseling services in Chicago, we want you to know that you have come to the right place. At 2nd Story Counseling, our therapists are sensitive to the unique therapy needs of women and recognize that when it comes to counseling, there are cultural and biological differences between the genders.

The following is a list of issues some women face.  Men of course face some of the challenges but as a group, women encounter these problems even more.

Women’s Counseling For:

  • Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, over eating
  • Body Image Issues
  • Problems in their relationships
  • Problems with their children
  • Juggling roles (work, family, children)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Infertility
  • Physical illness in themselves or loved ones
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Pre Menstrual Depression
  • Career challenges (Glass Ceiling)
  • Workplace discrimination 
  • Societal expectations 
  • Family expectations
  • Relationship expectations
  • Female related health concerns 
  • Caretaker Syndrome and burnout

Women Power

womens counseling chicago

At 2SC - We Understand Women Have Unique Counseling Needs

Counseling for Women

Having a knowledgeable and sensitive therapist is that aware of women’s issues means you’re not walking through it alone. We encourage you to visit our information page that explores the 7 characteristics of a good therapist to learn more about the importance of finding the right counselor to fit your wellness needs. 

At 2nd Story Counseling, our therapists take an integrative approach to the therapy process, infusing solution focused therapies that are designed to celebrate your individual needs.

We also practice the five traits of humanistic psychology to help you better understand yourself and where you would like to be in the future. At 2SC, we believe in women so if you are a female looking for a mindful approach to therapy, we hope you consider our services.  

Please call us at 773-528-1777 to learn more about our counseling services or send us a confidential note using our online contact form.

Like our motto suggest, every life has a second story.  Be sure to check our video below!

Counseling for Women at 2SC!