Fifty Shades of Play after Meth

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Sex after Meth PNP

 By: Daniel R. Sullivan, LPC 

So, the title grabbed your attention. If that is the case, you have probably had sex while on meth, or at the very least heard enough about PNP (party and play) to wonder what the hype is. Regardless of what your sex and meth experience has been, there is no getting around the fact that the connection between uninhibited, intense and long lasting sex and the use of crystal meth. 

Thus, after the PNP experience there is often a fear of how it would be possible to match the sex you have participated in without the use of meth. This is a common concern for many who are trying to work through a substance abuse dependency.

Sex After PNP

Before I lose some of you, let me assure you that this is not one of those Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” campaigns. I am not here to scare you into not using crystal meth by telling you the potential for psychosis or mental health issues. Nor am I going to show you pictures of a frighteningly thin, toothless grey-skinned individual. I will leave that up to the self-appointed morality police. 

This blog offers tips for those who are afraid that mind-blowing sex is impossible without the use of meth. For those who have never used meth, keep reading as the tips work just as easily for you.

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1. Memories light the corners of my…great sex life     

I am sure at some point you have been told to leave the past behind. However, the past can be useful if channeled correctly. Think back on some of your sexual escapades, not the drug, but the types of different sexual activities you explored which brought you the most pleasure. Were there activities you tried that had been in the recess of your mind before the meth but were afraid to try?

Now imagine what those sex acts can be like without the embarrassment of crystal dick, with the ability to experience the pleasure and the pain, as well as being present with your partner or partners. Your ability to experience new exciting sexual activities is still there, you just have to give it try.

2. Talk is not cheap…it is worth the investment    

Whether you have a steady partner or are hooking up with Mr. Right Now talk is essential to great sex. What part of your body really gets you going when touched? How does it feel, pleasurable, not pleasurable, or please get that done with so we can move on?

Talking with your partner or partners about what you enjoy and finding out what they enjoy only increases the possibility of a pleasurable experience.

3. Fantasy can become a reality  

Find your inner kink. What are the things you fantasize about when you are alone? Toys, leather, sports gear, or a romantic hotel room with flowers and candle light, whatever your fantasy may be, remember you are the only person who can make that fantasy a reality.

Again, talk with your partners; share your fantasies, and what you need to make the fantasy a reality. 

4. A little shopping therapy won’t hurt  

You are wanting a fresh start without the meth, perhaps a little shopping with the extra cash you now have couldn’t hurt. Go to a fetish or sex store where you can purchase something new to introduce into your repertoire. Buy some hot leather or sexy underwear that catches your attention. 

The idea is to change it up a little, not with the gear you used while on meth, but with new things that will help bring an experience for you. FYI with the availability of internet shopping, the embarrassment of going shopping in a sex shop does not need to stop you from shopping.

5. Do not go it alone

Find someone you can talk with about your fears and anxiety related to sex after meth. For that matter, find someone you can talk to about your sex life in general. We have been raised to be afraid of our sexual self. 

Maybe it is time for you to address the fears you have maintained, so that you can move forward in a manner that allows your sex life to be all that it can be. A little therapy can go a long way in your journey towards a healthy sex life.

Summing Things Up

There you have it, 5 simple steps to spicing up your sex life after meth. Not as difficult as you imagined? Sex is meant to be experienced, a sort of trial and error if you will. The journey helps you discover what you like, what you do not and what your limits happen to be. Along the way, hopefully you will have a ton of fun.

If you are struggling with figuring out life without PNP, I would like to recommend a great book that speaks to the struggle involved of sex after PNP entitled: Quitting Crystal Meth: What to expect and what to do during the first year of recovery by Joseph Sharp. Inside, you will find lots of practical insight on how you can better work through life (including sex) after crystal meth.

Finally, one of the best things you can do if you are trying to move beyond PNP is to work with a counseling professional who is trained in addictions. Many find having a safe space to share their concerns to be an important pathway on their road to wellness. If you are in Chicago, give us a call at 773-528-1777 or send us a confidential note through our online contact form.