5 Teas That Naturally Calm Anxiety Available in Chicago

calm anxiety with tea chicago

Calm Anxiety with Tea

By: Dr. John D. Moore

Are you looking for natural ways to calm anxiety in Chicago? Have you been hoping to find homeopathic solutions to reduce stress? Does the thought of popping pills to relax your nerves make you feel uncomfortable?

If so, you wouldn’t be alone. Most of our Chicago clients have shared with us they prefer natural solutions for coping with anxiety as opposed to taking medications. This makes sense when you consider the fact that many anxiolytics can be habit forming.

We’re not knocking anti-anxiety medications. In truth, many of these drugs have helped people to live a calmer, more focused lives. This is particularly true if you happen to be a person living with an anxiety disorder, such as GAD or PTSD.

But if you are hoping to call upon the power of Mother Nature to help you find organic solutions to stress, drinking certain types of herbal teas may be a viable option!

Tea Disclaimer

What follows are five teas that naturally calm nerves available to people in Chicago. FYI: Check with your medical doctor to inquire if drinking an herbal tea is right for your situation.

If you are taking any type of medication, it is particularly important to ask your doctor about possible counter indications. And if you are allergic to pollen, herbal teas may not be a smart choice.

Finally, bear in mind that drinking herbal teas as a primary approach to anxiety reduction and stress management should be thought of as a temporary coping strategy.

You need to develop a comprehensive plan for wellness that gets to the root of your anxiety if you want lasting change. An excellent way to accomplish this is to employ the services of a counseling professional trained in the art of helping people reduce stress. See our Chicago therapists specializing in stress reduction and anxiety here.

With that shared, let’s take a look at five calming teas!

5 Ways to Lower Anxiety Through Action

1. Chamomile Tea

There has been some clinical research to suggest that drinking chamomile tea may help to reduce anxiety and even combat depression. From what we know, chamomile tea is non-addictive and doesn’t appear to have any side effects.

You can buy chamomile tea from many retail establishments in Chicago, including Whole Foods and Jewel Osco. We’ve even seen it at Walgreens and CVS. The folks at Tazo makes a really nice herbal Chamomile tea that has a smooth, chillaxing taste and offers a pleasant aroma ($7-8 on Amazon).

2. Valerian Root Tea

While not designed for anxiety per se, many drinkers of this tea swear that it helps to calm their nerves – particularly after a stressful day at work. Some people who struggle with getting to sleep also use Valerian Root tea to help encourage sleep. This is why you see this particular root in many “sleep teas”.

You can get Valerian Root tea in Chicago very easily. Walk into any Jewel-Osco, Whole Foods or drug store and you’ll find it on the shelves. The Coffee and Tea Exchange in Chicago’s Lakeview area also carries this drink. FYI: Yogi Teas out of Oregon sells this product in many stores as well. You can also purchase their Bedtime Tea on line as well ($17-20).

3. Peppermint Tea

For centuries, Peppermint Tea has been used to help induce feelings of calmness and relax raw nerves. Menthol, which is naturally present in the herb, is also known to act as a mild muscle relaxant. There have some who have suggested that Peppermint Tea helps people dream more vividly, thereby allowing the dreamer to recall content.

You can find Peppermint Tea at almost any grocer in Chicago. Argo Tea on North Broadway in Chicago’s Lakeview area is a great place to find organic, fresh Peppermint infused with other teas. Amazon also sells Peppermint Tea online. We like Celestial Seasonings for what it’s worth.

4. Lemon Balm Tea

Like other herbs that have been studied to assess their calming properties, Lemon Balm Tea seems to offer consumers a chance at achieving greater inner peace. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, Lemon Balm has been prescribed by holistic practitioners as a natural resource to non-clinically medicate anxiety.

You can find Lemon Balm Tea throughout the Chicagoland area. Jewel Osco, Whole Foods and Mariano’s currently carry different types of this beverage on their shelves. You can also buy the tea directly online from the folks at U.S. Wellness through Amazon ($15-$17).

5. Lavender Tea

For centuries, lavender has been used as an anti-inflammatory. It’s also been used to help people with IBS better the health of their intestinal track. But did you know that Lavender in the form of tea can also help you to chillax – particularly in women?

This particular tea is abundant in the Chicago retail market. You can find it at most grocery stores and mini-markets. We like Yogi-Honey Lavender Tea because it has a reasonable price point (just a few dollars) and because of the drink’s smooth taste. Amazon also sells this one online ($3-$5).

Calming Teas Final Thoughts

The list we have offered here is certainly not exhaustive. If you are looking for a comprehensive book that offers lots of insight on the different healing properties of tea, we highly recommend picking up a copy of: 20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak.


Inside, you will find page after page of informative insight that unlocks the hidden power of teas that you might not know. For people who love natural approaches to wellness, this is a “must read” to include in your library!

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